Product Features

In TraveLLytics a worksheet is a dynamic way to display data to the user. It can contain simple reports, charts, heatmaps, geolocation maps, and many other options. Worksheets can function mutually exclusively of each other or be linked so that filtering data in one worksheet automatically updates results in another. Dashboards are composed of two to six worksheets.


Customized Dashboards:

Want to see all the information that means the most to you in one place? No problem, we have a dashboard for that. Each implementation comes with six customized worksheets for your personalized dashboard. You can click to drill-down on data, zoom in on map views, drag and drop windows, and hide or format data.


Data Mapping:

As part of our standard implementation our travel data experts will assist with mapping data from any source system to ours. TraveLLytics includes a data import module for transforming and loading data via XML or delimited text. Data can be loaded one-time, quarterly, monthly, weekly, daily, or in real-time.


Data Sources:

TraveLLytics has access to over 30 sources of public and private travel data for use in reporting, metrics, benchmarking, and compliance. These include, Global Distribution Systems (GDS), Travel Agents, and much more. This enables us to compare your data to the industry, get more detailed information on vendors, and identify specific areas to reduce costs.